Thursday, December 29, 2011

Grandma Knight's Apple Twist

My cousin, Diane Betts, taught me how to make a very special dessert while I was home for Christmas.  The apple twists we made were from a very premative recipe of my great-grandmother's that was published in a cookbook.  Basically you're instructed to make a pie crust; put apples, butter, and sugar inside the crust and twist it together.  The rest of the recipe involves simple syrup and two different baking times.  In short - they're AMAZING.  No wonder she was known across South Arkansas for her "twists".  I had two...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Oatmeal Toffee Cookies

So far this Christmas season I've made 30 dozen cookies for customers and close friends.  It seems they are going to be my signature item.  I'd love to write more about them now but I've got 5 dozen to make before the night is over.  More to come - and enjoy!
JRBakes Oatmeal Toffee Cookies

Saturday, December 10, 2011


20 minutes ago I had 5 followers and now I have none.  If I deleted you by some odd chance - it was strictly by accident.  Good food needs as many followers as it can get!  Merry Christmas.

Pecan Brittle - Thank you Linda Bohannon.

Hard Candy Christmas.  Well, Candy and Christmas have always been two things that I've always thought go together.  Since I was a child brittle has been a part of the holidays (both pecan and peanut) and always made by my cousin, Linda.  I could guess that she made 100 pounds of the stuff every year and wouldn't be telling a lie - I could actually be accused of "holding back".  Sadly I'm the only person in my family that has realized that one person can't make this stuff, I asked Linda to teach me 2 years ago and it's been a lesson in progress since then.  I love it.  I enjoy every minute of playing the "kitchen chemist".  Several of my friends have had this - I've sold several pounds of it myself and will be again this year.  One stipulation for learning how to make this (and it's nothing like anything you've ever had before) is that I don't share the recipe.  Linda told me that she'd whip my butt if I let anyone know how it's made and even though she's only 4' 11", she's all iron inside.  So, enjoy the pictures and if you give me enough notice you can enjoy the ware. 
Merry Christmas!