Friday, January 20, 2012

It's a Miracle!

I grew up in a town in south Arkansas, Camden.  My Mother grew up in the same town and her whole life ate at the Duck Inn Restaurant.  It was a local haunt that originally was both a diner and a car hop but by the time I rolled into town it had become only a sit down restaurant.  There were many staples on the menu that ranged from a hamburger with home cut fries to a veal cutlet plate special.  I usually had the veal - but on toast.  One thing that you could only get there was their "house dressing".  Of course as a child I thought it was good but never thought of it as being obsolete - until the doors closed when I was in college.  Years went by before I really thought about the special sauce again but last week it was the only thing on my mind.  I emailed and called several people back home only to find mostly tight lips and dead ends.  I did however manage to get the basic ingredients - but no proportions.  The original recipe made over 5 gallons of sauce.  Luckily my attempt weighed in just shy of 20 ounces.  I'll continue to play with the recipe but I have to admit the first night I ate a whole sleeve of saltines with the glop on it and wanted more....the next step is to french fry some fresh cut potatoes and go to town.  I don't know when I'll try to bread my own veal cutlet but I'll post pictures when I do.
Take a trip back in time this weekend with something delicious from your past - you never know what you might come up with!