Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vanilla Pura - Nothing less

If you want the real deal, head to Mexico and step on it!  More specifically, head to San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  This eastern region capital city named after the sate it resides in is a former vacation spot my Grandmother visited in the early 80's where she stumbled on a very rare treat that lived in her baking cupboard my entire life.  I know the last of the bottle she had was used when I was in college - a couple of years ago...  Every trip south of the border I've looked for this brand, recognized by it's four gold coins and big red cock at the top, I've never found it.  I was in the wrong region!  Vanilla in Mexico is made and sold by region and I would not have ever found this while on the Western side of the country.  BUT, a friend of mine traveled through more than 15 supermarkets while in Puerto Vallarta this past week including a disco tech deli (don't ask) and lo and behold he found this bottle of precious liquid (not in the disco tech).  This had been part of a shipment brought in from the other side of the country because people had asked for it and didn't know about the regional seclusion.  Well, now it's here with me in Dallas and will be part of all the things I bake from now until the time it runs out and then - oh, darn I'll have to vacate to Mexico to replenish.  The hardships I'll go through for great taste in baking!
Ring ring, donde esta "La Vencedora"?  American Airlines flight 323 DFW to PVR.

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