Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Skillet, Crisco, Action!

My earliest memories of dinner are the sounds associated with its preparation.  I'd hear an iron skillet placed on the stove and then the sound of the oversized stainless spoon hitting the inside surface so the Crisco would turn loose - and GO!  I don't remember many meals as a child that didn't involve a skillet - some cakes were even made in one.  When looking around thrift stores or flea markets keep your eyes pealed for an old No.9.  You'll be amazed how naturally cooking can come to you when you use the basic tools of the trade.  I found the above picture of Gin Gin doing what she did best.  Professionally she was a statistician - by trade she was a kitchen chemist.  Imagine how many chicken fried steak suppers started this way..Enjoy!


  1. I can remember as a little kid being the one to have to get the Folgers can from under the sink (since we were white trash and reused our grease...)

  2. Mr. McCoy - I think that's a sketch waiting to be written. The only thing I remember being re-used was bacon drippings and that was in a crock in the cabinet labeled "grease". Good times!

  3. Mama would store her grease in a little can that looked like a coffee pot; it even had a strainer to catch the crumbs. She kept it on top of the stove in the space between the back burners. She used it to season peas, beans, etc. The best use was for soft fried potatoes. My brother and I would fight over the last few in the plate at each meal. Even though he was bigger than I, he did not always win! I had my ways .