Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today I got a message from a customer.  I'm so touched by why this item was ordered and how it was given.  You never know what good things can come from generous actions....I call this a win win situation.
Message below the photo's of the project as it unfolded...
Hey, just wanted to share a story with you about the good your "goods" do! My father passed away recently and my mom had not been able to take care of our big yard by herself, so our long time neighbor took it upon himself to step in and take my dad's place as yard man. Long story short, I wanted to return the favor and when I asked what I could do for he and his wife I was told to pay them in Chocolate, so then I ordered a LB of fudge from you and it might as well of been a LB of gold!  He not only said it was the best fudge he’d had, which didn’t go over well with h is wife btw lol, but that it was worth all the hard labour and sweat!  I sent the FD article you were featured in and he was very impressed and wishes you the best and is sure you will be a success.  Looks like I know what I’ll be ordering periodically for you to send to Grandbury!  You got a good thing going here.
Peace and success,
JRBakes That story is worth 4 times its weight in gold. THAT is why I bake. Nothing says to someone that you care about them or care about what they do like giving them something homemade and delicious.
You rock, Chad. I'm happy to make something for you anytime. :)
Thank you...

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